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oh my god i got goosebumps from that trailer

queue ran out. sorry i’ve been really busy. i’ll try to post some things this weekend!

my entire legs and left foot has gotten covered in freckles in the last two days and i’m not complaining bc i think feckles are really cute but i’ve never had them before in my life so idk what’s happening

queue ran out and work had kept me too busy to queue new stuff i’m sorry

it looks like my computer has broken down and i can’t afford to buy a new one at the moment. so i will most likely not post very much for a while, but i’ll try to go online on my phone every now and then

all right, i’m back in sweden and my mission to surprise my family and friend was very successful!

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my suitcase is a game of tetris

my stomach is in knots i’m so nervous/excited for the next couple of days

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one thing i don’t understand is: didn’t jen wear any underwear at the vanity fair oscar party and if she did how does that work with that shiny mirror dress cuz it’s all see-through on the sides? it’s all i can think about when i see pictures


i just booked my flight back to sweden

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i feel productive for making three graphics in ten days time. go me(!!!) for having poor standards i guess