Love your theme where did you find it. There's no credit link.

thank you so much! i made it myself but i’m getting a little tired of it. i’m too lazy to change it tho so it’ll have to stay for a while

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They're from Sweden actually hahaha. I always thought they were famous there. Well, I really REALLY love their music :) Check them out!

i figured out that much! maybe they are! it could just be me. i literally listen to like 20-25 bands and have the same 1000 songs on repeat and that’s it

i looked them up on youtube and they were good! maybe a little “soft” for my taste but they’ll blend in nicely in my little mix

Anonymous said:
if you have seen Indevotion. then I'm jealous :)

nope, i actually haven’t heard of them before. are they any good?

Anonymous said:
What bands have you seen live?

not many at all, tbh. i never find someone to come with me. but paramore x2, you me at six, asking alexandria, imagine dragons and then lots of swedish artists and bands (no really famous ones) at amusement parks and stuff

but i’ll be seing 30 seconds to mars, all time low, green day and bullet for my valentine this summer so i’m excited about that!

Anonymous said:
nonononono i wasn't saying it to be rude or anything i just yeah

Well maybe? Don’t really see the point in speculating about it ya know

Anonymous said:
Jennifer looks like she has lost weight

I didn’t even notice but does it matter?

yoseffa said:
what part of australia are you coming to? :)


Anonymous said:
Psshht, I think you have miss spelled "edits" on your blog page. Unless it's intentional.

oops, thanks for letting me know! my blog decided to act weird earlier. it’s fixed now!

Anonymous said:
Are you moving for school? That sounds really exciting!

I was going to at first, but no. I’m so tired of school right now and I can’t afford it anyway, so I decided to get a “work and holiday” visum. I can stay for a year on it and only work at the same place for 6 months tops. So that’s basically what I’ll do: work and travel around for a year.

I might go to uni sometime in the future if I like it there though. But with this visum thing I can go home to Sweden anytime I want to if I get home sickness or something, which would be a bit hard if I was going there for uni so that’s a good thing!

Omg wait are you moving from sweeden to melbourne?! I live in melbourne so hi! :p

am i just casually boarding a plane to take me 30 hours across the globe? YES I AM! i’m moving there around october-november this year!


Anonymous said:
may i know where you got that lovely theme?

i’ve had it for forever now but thank you! it’s from mcpoyles!

Anonymous said:

sorry for answering this really late. thank you tho! i had a great birthday :’)

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day! :)

Thank youuuu! I’m eating lunch with my mom and then tonight I’m going out with some of my best friends so it’s gonna be great! :3