Wauw, that gif of Katniss spinning and in the Mockingjay dress is sooooo much more than I expected it to be! I loooooove it! You?

omg yes that was one of my favorite parts! the wings and the audiences reactions just YES! i get chills during that part every time i watch the trailer

Anonymous said:
hi ! I'm french so sorry if I can't speak English very well. I find your pictures, and your videos very beautiful ! I love your blog ! so I've got a question : Can I take some of your pictures and put it on my facebook ? of course I'll say that it's your pictures, and I'll put the name of your blog.

your english is just fine, don’t worry! anyway: most pictures on my blog are not made by me, so check the source on every individual post and ask that person. the edits and stuff i’ve made, i’d actually appreciate if you didn’t post them on facebook. even if you give credit someone else maybe won’t. hope it’s okay!

Anonymous said:
hey i know the question is stupid but will there be a livestream for the trailer release or do we have to wait for it on the yahoo movies page?

i think we have to wait for it to appear on yahoo, but it’ll do that right after it’s shown at comic con if i’m not mistaken

someone correct me if i’m wrong

peetahood said:
i love your new theme :)

thanks a ton!

Tag, you’re it! I’ve tagged you to post ten facts about yourself. Once you’re done tag your 10 favourite blogs to complete it next. Thanks (:

1. i was born on the last date of the last zodiac (pisces)
2. i think i follow about 15 tv shows
3. i have 1041 songs on my spotify playlist and that’s literally the only music i listen to
4. i want to dye my hair blonde again but it’s so hard to make it look good and not spend a fortune
5. it’s really hard for me to get bruises, i’m cold all the time and mosquito bites doesn’t really affect me (when i do get bites, mosquitoes seem to think i taste bad) so i think there’s something wrong with my blood
6. i haven’t seen any of the star wars films
7. i have to translate word and expressions from english to swedish (my native language) a lot because i don’t know the swedish word for it
8. i used to study spanish in school but everything i remember how to say is “hola me llamo josefine”
9. in 127 days i board my plane to australia (that’s like NO TIME AT ALL???)
10. my year in australia is basically to prove myself and my way of dealing with things that happened a few years ago, and some part of me think running away is a good idea

Anonymous said:
Congrats you penis

thank you (i think)?!!!! i’m answering this late sorry


Love your theme where did you find it. There's no credit link.

thank you so much! i made it myself but i’m getting a little tired of it. i’m too lazy to change it tho so it’ll have to stay for a while

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They're from Sweden actually hahaha. I always thought they were famous there. Well, I really REALLY love their music :) Check them out!

i figured out that much! maybe they are! it could just be me. i literally listen to like 20-25 bands and have the same 1000 songs on repeat and that’s it

i looked them up on youtube and they were good! maybe a little “soft” for my taste but they’ll blend in nicely in my little mix

Anonymous said:
if you have seen Indevotion. then I'm jealous :)

nope, i actually haven’t heard of them before. are they any good?

Anonymous said:
What bands have you seen live?

not many at all, tbh. i never find someone to come with me. but paramore x2, you me at six, asking alexandria, imagine dragons and then lots of swedish artists and bands (no really famous ones) at amusement parks and stuff

but i’ll be seing 30 seconds to mars, all time low, green day and bullet for my valentine this summer so i’m excited about that!

Anonymous said:
nonononono i wasn't saying it to be rude or anything i just yeah

Well maybe? Don’t really see the point in speculating about it ya know

Anonymous said:
Jennifer looks like she has lost weight

I didn’t even notice but does it matter?

yoseffa said:
what part of australia are you coming to? :)