OKAY EVERYBODY. We’re making a census for Tributes (Hunger Games Fans) on Tumblr. We’re going to try to count exactly how many Tributes are on Tumblr for 2011. All you have to do is REBLOG THIS if you are a Tribute.

The Hunger Games Fandom name is now... the TRIBUTES!


Final vote for HG nickname!

For those who have not voted, the nicknames are down to Tributes and Mockingjays, so hurry up and vote (the polls close July 1st!)

This is the link to vote at the Hob:


Vote in the "Official Hunger Games Fans Naming Poll"


REBLOG this if you think us HG fans should be called ‘Tributes’

Yes please. Like I’ve said, it’s really fitting. We are people from different parts of the world, the same way the tributes are from different districts.

And also I hate Jabberjays. I’d be okay with Mockingjays. Gamers sounds like nerds. Tributaries sounds like some kind of aliens.


The revolution has started

Ted from E! Online’s “The Awful Truth” decided today that Hunger Games fans from now on wil be referred to as Jabberjays. But we”re not intruments of the Capitol! And we’re certainly not gonna let the media have the last say in this. What do you think we should be called? Because it seems like we can’t get on without a name anymore. Tributes, Mockingjays, Gamers… Leave your suggestion at the link and later on we’ll vote for the best name.