Anonymous said:
I'm gonna pray for you. I hope you'll be okay little warrior <3

thank you so much ♥

Anonymous said:
KICK LEUKEMIA'S ASS! I love you! <3


Anonymous said:
sending all my love to you, hope you feel better! youre strong and you can fight this!

gosh thank you. of course i’m gonna get through this, i’m not done here, so no question about it!

Anonymous said:
I hope you're doing well :)

thank you so much! i hope so too, but i don’t know yet

Anonymous said:
do you like cereal whats your favourite kind of cereal do you like to dance can you dance if you could dance with anyone who would it be are you scared of heights or airplanes or elevators do you do your own laundry do you have any siblings if you do is there one who you get along with better if you don't then how is that if you only have one sibling what's the thing you guys fight over the most what makes you really really mad?

i kind of like cereal but i rarely eat it and i don’t have a favourite kind.

i like to dance if i feel like nobody is watching or cares that it looks horrible bc i can’t dance at all. i wouldn’t really wanna dance with someone i look up to. i’d just embarrass myself so just my friends who i’m comfortable with i suppose.

i’m not scared of heights if i feel secure, like if there’s a fence or i’m secure in a roller-coaster or something i actually really enjoy the thrill of heights. same thing with airplanes. i find that turbulence gives me an adrenaline rush and i love those so… and about elevators: nah. i live on the 10th and 11th floor so i have to use one everyday.

i don’t do my own laundry but i know how to do it at least. there’s just not enough time for all of my family members to do their own laundry so we mix.

i have a brother who’s 21 and a sister who is 17 (i’m in the middle). i get along very well with my brother. we’re only 14 months apart so it feels like we’re basically the same age. my sister doesn’t know how to behave like people so we haven’t talked to each other (more than a few words at a time) for about a year. i almost never get angry tbh. when i start o get angry i just end up crying instead lol.

Anonymous said:
When did you read thg?

may 2011!

Anonymous said:
will you make another post with livestream links for the PCA's this year?

i can’t remember that i made one last year. maybe i did? or maybe i just reblogged someone else’s post? i literally don’t know

anyway no, i won’t make one this year. i never watch livestreams anymore because the shitty quality and the buffering are too much to handle for me. i’d recomment looking up what channel it airs on and try and if that one doesn’t work then search for links on tumblr and twitter

if any of my followers have any links already or know of a masterpost with links reply to this ask or send me a message and i’ll publish it. thanks!

Anonymous said:
1, 6, 10

1: Virgin?

No. I had a boyfriend during 2013 so…

6: Age you get mistaken for

Okay, I was hoping I’d get this one because it’s really weird. Back home in Sweden everyone always thought I was around 16 (I’m actually 19), and I always had to show my ID to get into clubs and sometimes even a second time inside the club. But here in Australia everyone thinks I’m like 23-24.

10: Want any piercings?

Not really. Maybe a few more in my ears

Anonymous said:
Where abouts in Australia are you now? :)

i’m currently living in melbourne

Anonymous said:
do you know where i can find a good thg/catching fire wallpaper?

i have no idea. try just looking around tumblr, and google it idk. sorry i can’t be of much help

Anonymous said:
You look super pretty with your haircut! Work it! :D

thank youuu so much!!

Anonymous said:
your hair is cute! c: i wanna do mine like that but im not brave enough. :c

thank you! it’s easy for me to say now but just go for it. i’ve wanted to do it for so long but i always thought “i’ll do it someday” today i decided that someday had come. new life, new hair ~

Anonymous said:
Definitly, your tumblr is my favorite. - Caroline (France)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? there are so many better blogs out there, mine is nothing special. i don’t even know what to say, thank you so much!

Anonymous said:
I saw your tags about not finding the tv spot of cf and if you haven't found it yet; seaquell. tumblr. com/post/64067890963/frostingpeetaswounds-new-catching-fire-tv

you, my friend, are amazing. thank you